Investment Intern Part time or full time

About PhotonVentures

PhotonVentures is at the forefront of revolutionizing the Integrated Photonics industry. As a growing deep tech venture capital fund, our commitment is to drive the future of groundbreaking photonic integrated circuits. If you’re someone who thrives in a dynamic environment, is passionate about technology and innovation, and has a keen analytical mind, you are the right candidate for us.

Our world markets are in digital transformation, which results in progressive growth of data and energy consumption. Integrated Photonics harnesses the unique properties of light to overcome the limitations of traditionally electronics-based applications. Integrated Photonics technologies enables a sustainable digital future. It makes more compact, high-speed, and energy-efficient transport of data and systems possible. The diverse sectors harnessing these technologies include Data & Telecom, Medical & Healthcare, Engineering & Transport and Quantum Computing and many more cutting-edge applications on the horizon.

Role (part time or full time)

As our Intern, you'll play a crucial role in:

  • Market research: Lead sector analysis, understanding market trends, and keeping abreast of technological advancements.
  • Investment strategy and management: Assessing potential investments through comprehensive due diligence and managing an ever-evolving portfolio.
  • Portfolio management: : Dive deep into quantitative and qualitative analyses to evaluate portfolio performance and manage risks.

Qualifications, key skills and competencies


  • Currently pursuing a Master's degree with a focus on physics, electrical engineering, or similar scientific disciplines.
  • Previous internship experience or a demonstrated interest in deep technology startups, venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or strategy consulting.
  • Able to start in March, April or May.
  • Available for a minimum of 4 months (full time or part time).

Required skills

  • Fluent in English, both in verbal and written communication. Proficiency in Dutch is desirable.
  • Knowledgeable in valuation techniques and investment economics.
  • A strong foundation in science, technology, or artificial intelligence is considered a distinct asset.


  • Robust analytical abilities.
  • Ability to adapt to dynamic scenarios, such as changing investment performance, financing needs, and varying investor groups.
  • Effective multitasking across multiple assignments under tight deadlines.
  • Team-oriented with a collaborative approach.

Personality traits

  • Enthusiastic about investment, innovation, and technology.
  • Curious mindset with a keen interest in continuous learning.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit combined with structured, diligent work ethics.
  • Proactive and solutions-focused.

PhotonVentures strives to increase the diversity of teams working in technology and venture capital. To increase the diversity within our team, we actively encourage women to apply for this position.

Your Potential Is What Matters Most

At PhotonVentures, we value potential and are committed to nurturing talent. If you're analytically minded and open to new experiences, we encourage you to apply, even if you don't meet every criterion listed.
We're looking for passionate individuals ready to make an impact in the Integrated Photonics industry.

Benefits of joining our team

We are in an exciting phase of the journey as we have just succesfully raised our first fund and hence are growing the team. By joining now you will be part of shaping our culture and company.

As part of our team, you will benefit from:

  • A competitive internship allowance.
  • Comprehensive travel reimbursement for ease of commute.
  • Flexible working arrangements, allowing for both office-based and remote work to suit your lifestyle.
  • The possibility to join our team as an analyst after your internship.

Moreover, our organization is characterized by:

  • A mission-driven ethos: Join an organization that transcends profit. We're committed to backing technologies poised to transform industries and contribute positively to society.
  • Opportunities for professional growth: We're dedicated to fostering talent. With us, you'll find ample opportunities to refine your skills, learn rapidly, and advance your career.
  • A culture of collaboration: Our success is built on teamwork. You'll be part of a diverse and passionate group of individuals, united in their enthusiasm for technology and investment.
Joining our team means being at the forefront of the intersection between technology and investment, where your contributions will have a lasting impact.

What sets us apart:

  • Ecosystem architects: we are instrumental in forming a dynamic network of organizations immersed in the world of integrated photonic technology, whether it's in design, development, or manufacturing. We maintain a close relationship with our ecosystem partner: PhotonDelta.
  • We add value: our commitment to investees goes beyond mere capital. We provide them with mentorship, funding, and avenues to expansive market opportunities.
  • Global advocates: our reach is not confined to the Netherlands. We're on a global mission, promoting the adoption of photonic integrated chips across diverse industries and the academic domain.
At PhotonVentures, we're more than just fund managers. We are visionaries, supporters, and promoters of photonics' future. Join us in crafting the future landscape of integrated photonic technology.

Keen to join or do you have any questions?

Please send your CV along with a short motivation to Flo Pattiwael at
Your motivation letter should detail your potential start date, duration of availability, and whether you are available part-time or full-time.