Deep Tech fund for integrated Photonics

With expertise

PhotonVentures is a deep tech venture capital firm, purely focused on the key enabling technology of Integrated Photonics. As a spin-of and strategic partner of PhotonDelta , the European hub for the Integrated Photonics industry, we have in-house expertise that gives us a thorough understanding of the industry's success drivers and value inflection points.
This allows us to identify and invest capital, time, and network into Europe’s best integrated photonics companies.

Why integrated

Our world markets in are digital transformation, which results in progressive growth of data and energy consumption. Integrated Photonics harnesses the unique properties of light to overcome the limitations of traditionally electronics-based applications. Integrated Photonics technologies enables a sustainable digital future. It makes more compact, high-speed, and energy-efficient transport of data and systems possible. The diverse sectors harnessing these technologies include data & Telecom, Medical & Healthcare, Engineering & Transport and Quantum Computing and many more cutting-edge applications on the horizon.

What we do

We invest in companies to develop, scale and exit. We connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, and industry experts across Europe’s Integrated Photonics industry to help our portfolio companies catalyze their success becoming successful faster than their competitors. We support sustainable, innovative technologies that have the potential to serve a global market, solve complex challenges and transform industries.

Our vision

Our portfolio