• Proven expertise: navigate the investment landscape with experts rooted in the global integrated photonics industry.
  • Strategic alliances: benefit from our strategic partnership with PhotonDelta, amplifying impact and ensuring resilient growth.
  • Investor-centric approach: engage in an investment journey that prioritizes clear communication, transparency, and tangible returns.

We are early-stage investors with a strong focus on seed and series A rounds. Some of our most successful investments have stretched the limits of how a 'series A round' is defined, so we allow ourselves some flexibility in this area.

We lead in series A. Our typical initial investment is €1M – €2.5M, and we aim for double-digit ownership.

Of course, many of our investments are made alongside a robust consortium of investors. Having multiple professional investors, each with different segment expertise and networks—with ours being in integrated photonics—catalyzes the growth of your company.

Yes, a substantial portion of our fund is allocated to support follow-on investment rounds. In total, we can invest several million euros in each startup. However, it's important to note that our continued investment is contingent upon various factors, such as your performance, and therefore cannot be guaranteed without reservation.

We primarily follow a European investment strategy, focusing our investments across various nations within the continent. Our scope encompasses a wide array of opportunities within the European market, where we actively seek innovative startups and enterprises to invest in.

It is imperative that your startup has a product based on integrated photonics, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready, and a connection to the European ecosystem. Additionally, having a core team that is fully dedicated to the venture is essential. A focus on impact towards sustainable development goals is considered a plus.

We seek global market thinkers who aspire to transform innovations into commercial successes by solving complex problems. You should be enthusiastic about the challenge of building a company and possess relevant background experience in your startup’s industry, as well as a unique edge (X Factor) that assures us we will succeed together.

That, of course, really depends on the case. For example, in some instances, we provide hands-on support to enhance the initial business plans or connect your company to our network of potential customers or our ecosystem as your supply chain. Although this might require additional time, it is all to the benefit of your company. On average, our investment cycle is 6 months.

This is the unpleasant part of being a Deep Tech, single key enabling technology investor. We invest in fewer than 5% of the teams with whom we converse and have a process in place that provides you with swift clarity regarding our position. You have a lot on your plate, and we do not want to cause you to lose focus. Furthermore, we will always connect you to the PhotonDelta ecosystem and its benefits. It goes without saying; yes, we can make errors in judgment, so please keep us posted on your progress.

Ensuring that founders of all backgrounds have equal access to funding and building diverse investment teams is not just good business; it's also the right thing to do! We are an equal opportunity organization and have embraced the Six Principles of Responsible Investment.