About PhotonVentures Fund

Our Vision

As global markets undergo transformation due to intensive digitization, and as the pace of Moore's Law slows down, the relevance of integrated photonics technology becomes evident in sectors like data management, communication, sensing, medical diagnosis, and quantum computing. In these fields, high-end solutions rely on the advancements of integrated photonics.

At PhotonVentures, our ambition is to develop integrated photonics technology to promote sustainability, inclusivity, and global connectivity. We achieve this by investing in innovative, differentiated companies that use integrated photonics in ways that create economic value and meaningfully impact our world.

We provide our portfolio companies with the capital, industry connectivity, and hands-on support they need to succeed, driving the development and dissemination of integrated photonics technologies and applications across Europe and beyond.  

Our Mission

Those who create breakthrough ideas the fastest will generate new markets, exponential financial returns, and a better future for us all. At PhotonVentures, we create economic value with investments in innovative, differentiating deep-tech companies that can rapidly address a large global market, impact society, and maintain a strong, unique, and defensible technology position in integrated photonics.

Deep tech, and more specifically integrated photonics, has the potential to significantly improve our world. We support technologies that we believe will have a long-term impact through their innovation and sustainable technology.  

Our Story

PhotonVentures is a deep-tech venture capital firm, purely focused on the key enabling technology of Integrated Photonics. PhotonVentures historically emerged from PhotonDelta, a pioneering force behind the European Integrated Photonics ecosystem. PhotonVentures is fortuned to be an independent strategic partner of PhotonDelta.

Founded in 2014, PhotonDelta has driven the growth of the Dutch Integrated Photonics industry, making significant investments in companies and R&D over the past five years. In April 2022, PhotonDelta received €1,1B in public funds from the Dutch National Growth Fund to help propel Integrated Photonics into volume markets.

The strategic partnership between PhotonVentures and PhotonDelta lays an even stronger foundation for success.

Integrated Photonics explained

Photonics is similar to electronics; however, instead of using electrons, it employs photons to transmit information. Photonic technology is capable of detecting, generating, transporting, and processing light.
Current applications include lasers, sensors, and fiber-optic networks. Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) integrate multiple photonic functions into a single chip, leading to the development of new, faster, and more energy-efficient devices. By harnessing the power of light, PICs excel at processing and transmitting data with unparalleled precision. They can also be integrated with traditional electronic chips.

The following video explains Integrated Photonics:

With thanks to TU/E University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands for putting together this video.

Our Team

Ewit Roos Partner & Co-founder

Rijkman Groenink Partner & Co-founder

Pieter Klinkert Partner & Co-founder

Joachim de Sterke Partner & Co-founder

Linde Lassche Senior Fund Manager

Jacqueline Tange Office Manager

Flo Pattiwael Investment Associate