MantiSpectra Secures €4 Million in funding to Revolutionize Material Analysis with Spectral Sensors powered by AI

Eindhoven: 26 September 2023 The Eindhoven-based deep-tech company MantiSpectra, a Spinoff of the Eindhoven University of Technology, has successfully secured €4 million funding to support its mission to revolutionise how we ‘see’ the world around us by enabling the adoption of near-infrared spectroscopy everywhere.

Innovation Industries and PhotonVentures led the funding round. Together with the support from the PhotonDelta National Growth Fund programme, this capital injection will further drive MantiSpectra towards global commercialisation and widespread adoption of its breakthrough spectral sensing platform.

MantiSpectra has developed Spectral Sensors on a Chip, the ChipSense™, that replaces and augments traditional bulky spectrometers, enabling compact, portable, and cost-effective material analysis everywhere. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, MantiSpectra’s cutting-edge platform enables highly accurate and rapid material composition analysis directly where it is needed. This includes applications in agrifood production processes, recycling facilities to differentiate among plastics and fibers, process analytics for real-time control, and new consumer devices enhanced by real-time accurate data that revolutionise how individuals experience the world around them.

MantiSpectra already has customers and partners actively using their spectral platform in more than twenty countries, including Fortune 500 companies and three of the world’s top 10 food and beverage companies. Their core innovation has been recognised with multiple awards, including the International Industrial Hermes Startup Award, the Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award and the recent Gerard & Anton Award.

The recent investment marks a significant milestone for the company and will be utilised to scale their Semiconductor platform and support the existing customers toward mass production. With the new capital infusion, MantiSpectra aims to accelerate the scale-up of the fabrication phase, increase its production capacity to support high-volume application cases and develop database libraries for turn-key solutions.

Vincent Kamphorst Investment Director at Innovation Industries:” MantiSpectra’s unique miniaturized photonics solution can enable mass market adoption of spectroscopy towards consumer-level scale. This can make a huge positive impact, with applications in healthy living and reduction of food waste, to name just a few. We’re looking forward to supporting the team in further commercialising and scaling the business”

Pieter Klinkert, partner at PhotonVentures: “MantiSpectra is a great example of unique applications making use of Integrated Photonics. It underlines the difference and impact that Integrated Photonics in leading sensing applications. We have been working together with MantiSpectra’s team since 2020 and they are as stellar as their technology. We applaud their ambition and are proud we are able to continue supporting them towards their future success”

MantiSpectra has experienced impressive growth since its incorporation less than three years ago. This investment will accelerate its expansion, enabling the company to solidify its position as a future key provider of chip-based spectroscopy.