VitreaLab receives investment from PhotonVentures to ignite the future of outdoor Augmented Reality technology.

Vienna, Austria: 14 December 2023: VitreaLab, a visionary laser technology innovator and University of Vienna Quantum Group spin-off, today unveiled its significant investment from PhotonVentures, a Dutch Venture Capital deep tech fund with a focus on integrated photonics. This alliance is set to catalyze a transformative leap in display technology, with VitreaLab at the forefront of a new era in AR and VR experiences.

VitreaLab's Quantum Light Chip technology addresses the issue of brightness and energy efficiency in AR displays, enabling more vivid and longer-lasting AR experiences. Their innovation allows for the creation of lightweight and compact AR glasses, overcoming the bulkiness of traditional AR headsets. This technology also promises to enhance the clarity and resolution of AR visuals, making them more realistic and immersive for everyday use across diverse sectors including medical, automotive, and mobile devices.

“We are witnessing a pivotal moment in AR technology as VitreaLab introduces an unparalleled integrated photonics solution to the market. Their Quantum Light Chip technology stands at the forefront of innovation, signaling a paradigm shift in how we experience augmented reality. Our investment is more than capital; it's a strong belief in VitreaLab’s vision and the groundbreaking potential of their technology to redefine the industry." – Pieter Klinkert, Partner at PhotonVentures.

"PhotonVentures’ expansive network and unparalleled expertise in the integrated photonics sector are positioned to significantly accelerate our technological advancements," states Chiara Greganti, co-founder of VitreaLab. "Next year, we will initiate the pilot production of what promises to be the brightest light engine for AR glasses in the industry." VitreaLab's collaboration with PhotonVentures is expected to not only fast-track the development cycle but also ensure that the pioneering AR glasses light engines surpass current market expectations.

The forthcoming launch of VitreaLab's prototype represents a milestone in innovation and marks a new era in augmented reality experiences. Bolstered by the robust support of PhotonVentures and the sustained investment from deep-tech funds xista science ventures and APEX Ventures, VitreaLab is on the brink of transforming the AR landscape. The company's cutting-edge light engines, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, are set to enhance everyday experiences, heralding a future where augmented reality is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our daily lives.